Pipe Support Design

The design & detailing of pipe supports in an integral part of Forge House Group’s comprehensive piping design package. Typically pipe supports are required to restrain pipework and accommodate dead weight, thermal expansion and occasional loads. Pipe dead weight includes valve weights, actuators, insulation and cladding as well as in-line equipment. Thermal loads introduce further requirements where the pipe supports need to allow for pipework expansion and subsequently ensure pipe stress code compliance. Other factors included in the design include occasional loadings from wind and seismic events.

Typical pipe supports include:

  • Pipe saddles and shoes.
  • Rod Hangers.
  • Variable Spring Hangers.
  • Constant Effort Supports.
  • Guides.
  • Line Stops (limits).
  • Anchors.
  • Low Friction Sliding Supports.
  • Trunnion / Dummy Branch Supports.
  • Thermal Heat Break Supports.
  • Ancillary pipe attachments which include u-bolts, straps, clips and clamps.
  • Design of steel structures which provides support for multiple piping systems.

The design service also includes supporting calculations to steel design codes.

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