Piping As-Built Services

A common engineering problem is the accuracy of existing drawings and schedules to the actual site installation. Site based modifications to existing pipework occurs during installation or during periods of plant shutdown, especially if this is unplanned. In many cases these modifications are not recorded to reflect the changes and this can lead to future problems, including compliance with HSE guidelines.

Drawings and Documents affected include:

  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).
  • Process system schematics – unlike a P&ID these provide an overall view of the plant.
  • Piping general arrangements and/or piping isometrics.
  • Line Lists, Valve and Equipment Schedules.

Part of Forge House Group’s services include the walking of pipelines and site survey of existing installations. Existing drawings and schedules are then updated to reflect the data collected on site. As part of the service a 3D model can be created allowing ease of viewing for all parties involved in the running of the plant.

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Forge House Group is located in Darlington, within the North East of England.

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