Piping Stress Analysis

Forge House Group provides a piping stress analysis service using Intergraph’s Caesar II pipe stress analysis package. The company is experienced in both static and seismic dynamic pipe stress analysis, ranging from critical steam lines, CHP pipework to steel industry applications. In addition to experience, staff are Intergraph trained on both the statics and dynamics functionality within Caesar II.

Pipe stress analysis is normally undertaken as part of a comprehensive piping design package.

Important functionality in Caesar II is the ability to import models from other 3D systems, such as Intergraph CADWorx. This saves time in building the pipe stress analysis model. Pipe support information nominated in Caesar II can be transferred back to the 3D modelling system, aiding the pipe support designer in positioning and identifying the nominated restraint types.
An advantage to this integration is the ability to quickly check pipework for stress compliance under unusual design conditions. As an example, a site condition may dictate that standard support spans have to be exceeded. Previously, this would not have been possible without building the pipe stress model and hence incurring additional costs to the client.

Using Caesar II, Forge House Group performs pipe stress analysis using a number of design codes, including:

  • BS EN 13480
  • ASME B31.1
  • ASME B31.3

The company also has experience of converting pipe specifications between ASME and BS standards and vice versa.

Please contact us to discuss your piping design and stress analysis requirements.

Forge House Group is located in Darlington, within the North East of England.

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